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Hello, after you complete the order, our warehouse will arrange the delivery. Once sent, we will send the tracking ID via email or text message. You can make inquiries through the menu bar of our website - [track your order]. We support four methods: order number, registered email, phone number, and tracking. You can also check through: and other express websites

Standard shipping time

US/Canada: About 3-8 days 
UK: 10-15 days
Australia: 10-15 days
Other countries: 15-20 days, Africa does not support delivery for the time being, please understand
Note: COVID-19, customs policy, weather may affect the delivery speed, please understand.

Ordinary standard logistics - free of charge (the cost has been borne by our company, no need for consumers to pay)
Expedited Express Shipping - $4.99
Emergency Air Freight - $9.99

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